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About The Fidler's

After having been in the hands of a college or university since 1929, Gordon and Tammy Fidler purchased the 1869 Italianate-style Brinkerhoff Mansion in 2021 while looking to buy a duplex as an additional rental property.   This put the house in private ownership for the first time in nearly 100 years.  Not quite the duplex they were looking for, and the last time Tammy will let Gordon go house shopping without her. Mrs. Isabella Brinkerhoff was known for her social events.  With a love for hospitality, and in keeping with that spirit, the Fidler’s are excited, and honored to open the home once again for members of the community to host a special event or rent a unique office space.


The new owners take great joy seeing the look on people’s face as they enter the house for the first time, hearing from them about their experiences in the home while attending school, celebrating an anniversary of family members who are long-gone, or other events in which they participated.  They love providing the opportunity for people to reminisce about their joy-filled experiences in the historic surroundings of this magnificent home. Gordon and Tammy gladly assume the stewardship responsibility for this historic landmark, and look forward to partnering with other small businesses and serving members of the community by providing warm, personal service in the planning and execution of each person’s event, so this venue with a history will continue to make memories for the future.

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